Introduction of Principles of Commerce XI Sindh Board Exams

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Commerce is one of the most popular streams of study alongside Science and Arts. It mainly focuses on the study of business, trade, accounting, financial information/transactions and merchandising.

It is a stream that opens up many professional courses like Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Cost and Management Accountant etc. Students also get to explore a variety of optional subjects that can be chosen from Language studies, Computer-related disciplines or any creatively inclined subject like Fine Arts.

Principles of Economics

Economics is a social science that studies how people satisfy their unlimited wants with limited resources. The principles of economics are the rules that govern how we use our money, time and other resources to get what we want.

The cost benefit principle states that an economic decision should be made if the benefits outweigh the costs. This is an important principle because it shows us how much of our money should be spent on each thing we do, so we can best maximize the value of each dollar.

The law of diminishing returns is another key principle in economics. It shows us that the number of goods we sell must be greater than the amount of raw materials, payroll and other production costs in order for a business to make a profit. This is also known as the real/nominal principle. It is one of the most important and widely used economic principles. It shows us the actual worth of our money in society and helps us understand how exchange rates, inflation and other factors affect the value of a dollar.

Principles of Business Studies


Business Studies is a vast subject that helps students develop knowledge and understanding of the principles behind businesses and trade. It is a subject that encompasses finance, accountancy, marketing and organisation among other topics.

Moreover, the subject also enables students to learn about the interaction of business and its environment. This includes the understanding of how businesses work, and how they evolve to better suit their needs.

The syllabus of Business Studies class 11 is divided into three parts. Part A comprises of theories and Part B focuses on project work.

Both theories are important because they provide guidance in various managerial situations and thereby, help managers make the right decisions. Hence, they are considered as useful in the contemporary business world.

Principles of Informatics Practices

The best way to explain the subject is to take a closer look at what is required to produce the goods or services you consume. Taking the time to understand the business process and their inter-relationships is the genesis of the ensuing success. A savvy student will make the appropriate connections and will have no problem identifying the best company to perform the service. As a result, you will be able to concentrate on the fun parts without the drudgery.

Introduction of Principles of Commerce XI Sindh Board Exams

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