Qualities of Good Businessman

Qualities of Good Businessman Kuala Lumpur – So what do you look for in a business graduate? Successful candidates will have skills in: The art of persuading others to take action. The ability to learn and get on with new technologies. Marketing, ability to understand people, a network of contacts in the world of business – including local business media, government and associations. The ability to take communication and people skills to the next level. Saw Teong Lam, chairman of Macam and Hapas (The Malaysian Association of Chamber of Commerce & Industry) and president of Federation of Malaya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Fomci), explains, however, that one of the qualities a businessman should possess is ability to develop long-term goals. “At the point where business graduates have 10 years, they should be able to formulate a long-term vision. This is relevant for companies to decide what to grow into as well as for you to decide if you can have a job role defined when you finish,” he says and adds, “When you are looking for a job, there may be some flexibility in the business organisation’s rules or if you want to be trained in a particular area, sometimes there is some wiggle room. But if you want to have a general role which they are perhaps short of staff that can handle that position, you cannot get hold of it.” Dr Azura Aliza, executive director of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Institute of Graduate Studies (which offers a postgraduate programme for local business graduates), cites a similar message. She directory a business graduate should have above average general knowledge or a degree, should be more entrepreneurial and adapt and be open to change.” Says Zaihan Nasir Abdul of the University of King Abdulaziz of Saud (Ikasa) Graduate School of Business: “My interest is in examining the way to add value to academic education. Business graduates must know about innovation and they are in a very good position to be able to do that, so it is easy for them to adopt new ways of thinking about things. “The business graduate must also have skills that help contribute to the transformation of a company and grow it to a higher level.

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So he/she must know how to take it in new directions and keep people positive and motivated and give them clear direction.” Related Items Local News Malaysian education students enjoy holiday in MaldivesIn preparation for upcoming international competition, the 2,700 students in the Institute of Economics (IEC) have been involved in a variety of activities since arriving in the Maldives in July. IEC chief consultant Cheah Hiew Yang says the students are experiencing…Feb 15, 2009 Source: StarBizTimes.NetQualities of Good Businessman 1. Taking complete responsibility of a task entrusted to him by his boss. 2. Assure completion of all work entrusted to him with quality till the time he has to leave. 3. Know a task before starting it which means not taking unnecessary work. 4.

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Dedicated as per the task agreed by his boss 5. Understand his limits in work and refrain form doing more than what is required. 6. Keep himself updated regarding the latest developments in his field. The Entrepreneur 1. Work even after regular office hours if he has to. 2. Work day or night if necessary. 3. Bring new ideas and thoughts in to work daily if he believes himself to be right. 4. Keep himself updated about the latest developments in the market. The Manager 1.

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Take the work entrusted to him seriously and complete it in record time with quality 2. Keep himself updated about the latest developments in the industry. 3. Keep himself updated about the latest developments in the market. 4. Understand the working strategy of the company. 5. Share his idea and give support where needed. The Manager’s Assistant 1. Do daily check of the work assigned to him. 2. Understand the quality of the work. 3.

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Look for things kept in store as they are needed. 4. Be ready with the necessary tools for production 5. Do not hurry over anything in hurry. The Cheker 1. Avoid unnecessary talk, laughing, drinking, etc., during working hours 2. Should be punctual for duty to the company 3. Can be asked to work even on Sunday (extra duty). 4. Keep himself updated about the latest developments in the market. 5. Can be asked to work on holidays.

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6. A Cheker will not have a house with full girds The Time Keeper 1. Can be entrusted to work in another factory even on Sundays. 2. Cannot be asked to work on holiday or Saturdays. 3. Can be asked to work even on Wednesday night or weekend. 4. Can also be entrusted to work in different fields. 5. Will have to work evenings. The Supervisor 1. Have complete faith and trust in the work undertaken by the employees.

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2. Will have to work even on New Year, Christmas, Monday (Sat), Sunday (Sun) (extra duty) and even on Saturday (holiday) 3. Will be required to be away from home even on holidays. 4. Will have to be at work at least 8 hours a day. 5. May not be transferred. 6. Will have to work extra hours beyond normal working hours. The Group Boss 1. Will have the responsibility to supervise. 2. Will be expected to give tasksQualities of Good Businessman (By R.

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L. Linton) In the daily quest of a boy’s conduct toward his associates, those who have most successfully followed the principles of the gospel have most prominently displayed the qualities of a worthy businessman. When God called men to the work they were not told to form a church or take charge of a large place of worship. That was part of the call and the great desire of the people. They were told to go, not to make a church, but to build it up until it is perfect. Going to do so, their only motive was their love for God and the success and prosperity of His house. He, in His sovereignty, foreknew that before the church was perfected the saints would have to endure many temptations and separations to a greater degree than any nations have ever before experienced. The one great qualification a man needs to be successful and bless mankind is a godly disposition. If a person has a bad attitude in this world he is going to meet bad luck, and in the world to come, he will meet the same bad luck. Too, he is going to meet people who are not worthy of being his teacher, fellow worker, or even a business partner. He is going to meet cold-hearted, self-centered merchants who are more concerned about making merchandize than meeting a professing Christian; he is going to meet and be around worldly preachers who are too absorbed in the temporal to notice their true state in or about this world; he is going to meet and make as his associates those people who carry the mark of Cain who look at the things of this world. No one can make a success of the ministry without having the qualities of a truly honest man. If we could be as intelligent as we

Qualities of Good Businessman

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