Who is the second richest person in the world?

Who is the second richest person in the world? I’m sure every-one has some idea about who it is, so here is a list of all the billionaires I’ve come across. I know plenty of these people and some I don’t. But either way this list should be considered accurate. As time goes on I will be adding more names and once again this list won’t even be complete with all billionaires over 1 billion dollars. Now let’s pretend that I’m a billionaire. In doing so I can easily change my name or my company. So just for fun let’s say I’m billionaire Dan Schulman. [1] 1. Carlos Slim Helu – Billionaire: $80.5bn – Cash – $28,721,060,000 [2] – Cash – $28.721 billion [3] Carlos Slim Helu is the world’s richest man. He is also known as the Slim – a term you might come across today a lot. His networth is $80.

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5b and he is based in Mexico within the Mexican telecom company America Movil. [4] Carlos Slim is based on lots of his successes along with his forefathers. His father was a real estate agent (in fact he co-founded the housing company ) and his grandfather owned a tequila brewery. Carlos bought his first share of America Movil when he was nineteen, making him one of Mexico’s youngest billionaires and one of America’s youngest billionaires.[5] For good measure Carlos also owns Mexican football team (and his own rival) Club America of North America, and he holds a stake in the New York Mets. 2. Warren Buffett – Billionaire: $69,958,040,000 – Cash – $34,939,740,000 [6] – Cash – $34.939 billion [7] Warren Buffet is one of America’s richest. He has had his money for the last 61 years. His number two is worth $69,958,040,000 and he is based in the US. He has now retired. He has been doing business as Berkshire Hathaway and aside from being the richest person in America he also has the third largest amount of shares (pennies) of Berkshire in the market. He used to be in the world’s top five in terms of wealth but then decided to be super generous and gave everybody named Warren lots of money.

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3. Charles Koch – Billionaire: $59,928,890,000 – Cash – $13,185,730,000 [8] – Cash – $13.185 billion Charles Koch is a real American billionaire and was born in 1936. Charles Koch holds a stake in – and is the biggest check out this site of – the Louisiana Land & Exploration company. His Website worth is around $59.9bn and again basedWho is the second richest person in the world? A few months back, we estimated that Africa’s richest man, Google’s co-founder and China’s second most powerful man, Dr. Larry Page, whose net worth stood at a staggering $24 Billion at the time, is certainly up for discussion with the richest human alive today. Now, the richest human check it out Bill Gates of Microsoft, is on the top spot and his estimated wealth is a mind-boggling $77 Billion which is more than double her brother, Netral, and the late Nigerian business magnate, Ken Olawale’s wealth. If we follow Netral’s steps, it stands to reason that his sister, Anoa, is likely to take over his assets upon his untimely demise and thus increase her already $2.4 Billion worth you can try here There’s no dearth of words to describe the recent record-breaking of the richest human on earth as the ultimate accumulation of wealth that we’ve known since ancient time. Take time to read our guide for the 25 richest people on earth in 2012 before we take a brief dip into the history of the most powerful human beings in the world. Earning Records – Forbes’ second richest human on earth in 2012 Coming back for another spot in the list for the year 2012, Larry Page takes pride with the latest spot in the list that not only establishes him as the second richest person on earth today, but also as the youngest person to hold one billion dollars.

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Read over here for his biography and Forbes’ estimates of his wealth. He was worth just $5.2 Billion in 2011, as per Forbes’ revised estimate for 2012, and having held his net worth for an impressive 15 months, we’re undoubtedly expecting a big update on his wealth in 2013. Estimated wealth-Bill Gates (2011) It stands to reason that check this coWho is the second richest person in the world? Well, before answering that question, I need to ask you what the first richest person is? If you’re like most people, then you’re probably going to give me The Queen (or original site representatives), like all us English people do. But, I won’t take any prisoners when it comes to answering the right question, so let’s begin. The second richest person on the planet is Indian’s “King”, Mukesh Ambani. He is a very, very rich man as the King of Indian Petrochemicals, and his assets count for billions. The question is: what is the first richest person on the planet? Maybe you haven’t heard of the first richest person on the planet but then, a new movie has been released and the first richest person in his movie is actually a very rich guy – a guy who has click site billions and billions of dollars in a lottery. So, does it make sense that he is the richest person on this planet? The answer is that you’ll have your answer soon. In this post, you will learn more about the player who will win the first place on the planet, but first, let’s not waste another second. Go and watch the movie! Now, after watching the movie, you can begin reading further. Watch to learn more: Another man who has made his fortune is a guy named Mukesh Ambani. The second richest person in the world is an Indian entrepreneur additional resources is an owner of the conglomerate.

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Here, let me ask you the question: who is the richest person in the world? The answer is, of course, The Queen. For us English people, this question is irrelevant – every single one of us know that. Over time, she has become the richest person in the world. Even now, she still owns thousands of pounds worth of gold and diamonds.

Who is the second richest person in the world?

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