Algebraic Expansion Formula Chapter-01 Basic Concepts Business Mathematics

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Algebraic Expansion Formula Chapter-01 Basic Concepts

Business Mathematics is a course that introduces the mathematical skills and concepts needed for technical work. It covers topics such as polynomials, linear equations, systems of equations, formulas and trigonometry.
These chapter-wise CBSE Class 11 Maths Formulae are based on NCERT syllabus, which will help you to prepare well for your exam and score good marks.

Basic Concepts

The basics of business math include common fractions and decimals, area and perimeter formulas, and a few metric conversions and tidbits here and there. The best part about these tidbits is that they can be applied to any business scenario and will help you in your daily grind. The Algebraic Expansion Formula Chapter-01 Basic Concepts Business Mathematics will be a big hit with both newbies and seasoned pros. It contains all the aforementioned tidbits in one handy place to make your life easier. The chapter also comes with a free printable glossary of the more obscure acronyms and words, so you can easily remember them by heart. This will prove to be a great resource in your preparation for Class 11 maths as well as other competitive exams.

It’s no secret that math is the bedrock of most business disciplines, and understanding the aforementioned gizmos will help you navigate your way to success. A few keystrokes, and a few clicks of your mouse later, you’ll be ready to impress all your business clients with your math prowess.


Business mathematics is the study of financial formulas, measurements, fractions and various other mathematical concepts used in business. This discipline enables you to complete your business tasks effectively and efficiently.

It helps you to analyze a business problem and work upon it in such a way that it does not occur again in the future. It also helps you to control the situation if it occurs.

This subject has a wide scope and is applicable in all the fields of business such as profit & loss, finance, risk management, sales & purchases, and competition analysis. It is one of the most essential subjects for a student who wants to take his/her career in any field.

Mathematical concepts such as cost, interest and profits are the base of any kind of business. Without these, the business could not function at its full potential.


In math, multiplication is one of the four basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction and division are the other three). Many people in a variety of industries use multiplication on a daily basis.

Multiplication is the repeated addition of groups of equal sizes. To understand this better, let’s use an example of chopsticks.

The chopsticks are grouped into four groups with 2 chopsticks in each group. Now we add the groups together to get the total number of chopsticks.

When you multiply two terms, the results are always positive. This is called the any-order principle for multiplication.

The rules for adding and multiplying like terms are the same as they are for division. If you have two terms with the same signs, then their products will be positive. However, if you have two terms with different signs, then their products will be negative.


Division is one of the four basic operations that distributes a number into equal parts. It is normally denoted by a slash or a horizontal line with the division sign (/) written between the two numbers.

It is similar to subtraction, but it’s much faster and can be used with any number. To divide, take the smaller number away from the bigger one until you reach zero.

Students practice strategies and algorithms that allow them to perform the division operation more accurately and quickly. This helps them improve their grades in school and on math tests.

Division is a key factor in mathematics and the study of business. It is a fundamental process that is necessary in calculating profit margins and other important business data. It is also a critical part of the business planning process. It is therefore important for students to master it so they can be successful in their careers.

Algebraic Expansion Formula Chapter-01 Basic Concepts Business Mathematics

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