Business Mathematics: Subject Introduction XI Sindh Board

Business Mathematics: Subject Introduction XI Sindh Board Zara-i-Haakain (Arabic) Final Year Class Examination BMA MATEMATICAL & BUSINESS BASELINE: BUSINESS MANAGEMENT BI-MATEMATICAL BASELINE basics ANEXAMPLES OF PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCES OF BUSINESS/ 1. An Accountant is required to maintain an adequate system of accounting records and to oversee and control accounting transactions and activities of the firm. 2. A public accountant is to prepare audit reports for organizations. · The Audit Report should help the Management and the owners of the organistation to enhance decision making capacity by providing assurance regarding the financial performance of the business. Audit Report should report the findings of the audit. At the Full Report of audit, different auditor should perform each of the following: · The engagement arrangements should be clearly understood. · The audit should be on objectives, not on theory. · Auditors are like good sportsmen, they should provide information, not withhold information. AUDITOR 1 1. What is the difference between accuracy and correctness? Accuracy = correct Correctness = correct practice 2. Why should an auditor be independent? · The over here auditor is chosen because many non-independent auditors do not have adequate knowledge of the areas relevant to financial ethics. (i) They could conclude that the same course of action is acceptable for a failing company, but not for a healthy one.

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(ii) They may suggest inappropriate solutions that might work for some companies and not for others. (iii) Their lack of independence could lead to poor decision making. AUDITOR 2 3. The quality of any audit comes from the system of audit which is made after the internal audit of audit process of all main principles of the auditing process eg ( Audit scope & review, Audit plan, Audit schedules, procedures, testing, and verification). 4. Confidentiality= The auditor responsible for handling confidential information gains access to the confidential information through a review of the confidential file prepared by the internal audit staff and/or through permission granted by the board of directors and, only to those who need access to such information. 5. What is the auditor not entitled to make for customers? · An auditor can’t do much for customer. 6. How much time does an auditor spend in analysing and reporting the earnings statement? About 10 days for each month. 7. What is the object of external audit? A. The auditor examines the company’s internal controls, its financial position and practices its financial reporting practices and the way in which it complies with the accounting principles.

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The auditor also uses procedures, documents, and controls which it believes will minimize the chances of unauthorized changes having an effect on the financial statementsBusiness Mathematics: Subject Introduction XI Sindh Board 10th Part. I Chapter XI – Money and commercial Maths MATH PROJECT (Including :- Number System, Percentage profit calculation, Cost estimation, Interest, Leasing, MATHEMATICS RELATED PRACTICE Essay Writing, Dividing Unit and Multi Unit, Polynomial & Solving equations etc.) II : G.R.I: – 1.- The Indian National Bank will not be liable to pay any amount beyond one hundred per cent of the reserve rate of a branch on any cheques or cashier’s cheques drawn by a customer except in certain circumstances as laid down by the Regulation. (i) Provided by written notice received by the Indian National Bank (ii) This contract is an agreement for the payment of interest only in specified circumstances, and in such circumstances no person shall be entitled under any general rule of law, convention or guarantee to have more interest paid to him than that specified in the contract. No bank shall at any time. (vi) This contract provides for a loan with a deposit in connection it which the deposit of a person may be released to pay interest due thereby (subject to a specified maximum rate of interest in accordance with the provisions of sections 6 to 9 above). (vii) This contract provides for payment of interest at a certain rate on cash in specified circumstances. Section 3(c). Interest (money) shall mean Compensation for failure to pay or wrongful detention of money due after the date for payment, or interest at the rate of exchange or at such rate of interest as is referred to in section 2 above for a credit on moneys owed at the time the credit was given this content the other party. Interest (money) shall include fees or charges for negotiation, transmission or deposit of moneys at any banking or financial office.

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Any interest element within the Terms comprises the Interest (money) component. Our bank reserves the right to increase or reduce or to stop the interest payable for any reason. The maximum interest rate shall be determined by legislation in that behalf. 3. The interest shall be paid every year in advance commencing from the date when the money became payable, on demand, or on the earliest date upon which any have a peek at this website of the interest is calculable in accordance with these Terms, for a period not exceeding six months. 4. Interest shall be paid for any period that is longer than six months. Unless otherwise agreed by us: if the Principal (such as a revolving loan) can be recovered at all (whether in full or otherwise) within 6 months from the date of the contract, we shall not be liable to pay any interest after the date the Principal becomes repayable. If you are unable to repay the principal, we will provide access to clear your account and repay the principal within a mutually agreed term. (a) Where to Payment is Unclear. If demand is given for information about the amount payable, the date of payment or any other matter, not later than 4 weeks prior to the date on which payment is due and we unreasonably fail to comply, the notice does not increase the amount payable nor have any effect on the time of payment, but the time for payment shall start with the next day. I have notified you that I received Going Here application for Loan and it is my pleasure to send you a Grant of Loan. This loan cannot be repaid until you die or sell the property in case you should sell the property I will reimburse you as a credit note.

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However, the amount of the loan be paid in full. After the payment we shall provide you with a legal notice to sell the property. You have opted for payment in installments. As a result, ifBusiness Mathematics: Subject Introduction XI Sindh Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (RMOED) in 2015, Business Course or Business Mathematics has come into existence. This is compulsory Professional Course for all Candidates who are appearing for IBPT examination 2016. IBPT or IBPT stands for business, management, accounting and statistics. IBPT has four sections that are mathematics, finance, marketing and marketing management. Maths is the core section of IBPT. Students must be regular regular attenders to study this important section. Regular attendance means you study it on daily basis. While studying mathematical paper for IBPT candidates must check key questions word by word. Key point of maths section that, not all questions are common to all IBPT papers. Candidates must prepare for these key questions hence this is essential of IBPT examination preparation.

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Key questions asked in IBPT can be found in syllabus of RMOED in the form of sheet. Candidates must study the class 10 syllabus of Business from the bottom up, that is from the easiest to the most difficult classes. Business maths is one of the most important section for Business Candidates. As mathematics paper is the most difficult, candidates should prepare with lots of time from the regular to advance level maths classes. Important Topics in Business Mathematics: In this section we will go with the subjects briefed that are most important to you for IBPT 2016 exam. 1. Elementary Matrices. 2. Linear Algebra. 3. Vector Spaces. 4. Coordinate Geometry.

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5. Probability. 6. Discrete Mathematics. 7. Programming Languages. 8. Data Structures. This section is compulsory for all students having business course syllabus. This is mainly a mathematical training. Mathematics in this part of curriculum is pretty simple, all the questions of Maths Section in IBPT 2016 paper are of this level. Students must be attentive to learn Maths thoroughly. A proper training

Business Mathematics: Subject Introduction XI Sindh Board

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