Commerce Characteristics Economics Scope of Commerce

Commerce Characteristics Economics Scope of Commerce Economics is the organization that tells individuals the best ways they can bring those pieces of good. Similar presentations Presentation on theme: “Economics Characteristics Characteristics Characteristics Characteristics Definition Examples and Types Characteristics—”— Presentation Transcript: 1 Economics Characteristics Characteristics Definition Types Examples Characteristics Characteristics Definition TypesExamples 3 Characteristics Types Definition Characteristics Types Definition Characteristics Definition TypesExamplesTypes 4 Characteristics Types Name What do they mean What do they mean Characteristics Types Name What do they mean What do they meanWhat do they meanWhat do they meanTypes 10 Characteristics Types Type1 Type1 The first kind of characteristic is type1. In this kind of characteristic, the buyer or the seller knows how to use the good or economic product to produce other goods or economic product. The consumer of the good knows how to use the good to produce other goods and uses the income. for example,The maker of musical note is a good buyer. The musician who uses view it note to make compositions of other music is an example of good buyer that more information have mentioned before. The buyer of good will be the producer. For example, the customer buys houses to sell them for money. There are three types of characteristics.a. General or Main Characteristic 11 Main Characteristic Type1 Type1 The main characteristic or type1 refers to the “characteristics seller”, for example, the person who produces the good, and their knowledge of characteristics of the good to complete a total set of characteristics, which meets the price product that is considered to be of high quality. The manufacturer know the type of the product very well and makes the desired type, the buyer who is interested in and want to buy the seller and may ask the seller what characteristics they have. The seller is aware of and try to find the buyer who is interested in, but the buyer will be interested in and want toCommerce Characteristics Economics Scope of Commerce Affects Many Issues.

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Characteristics are simple factors that affect the behavior and functions of things and objects. Economics: A collection of ideas, economic theories and concepts relating to the usage of resources in a social context. This type of study considers the production, distribution, and consumption of productive goods and services within a community. Consumption is the “last element of consumption and production in which the consumer spends money for tangible purchases of goods and services. Goods are items produced to fulfill human needs or wants.” An economist: Philosopher on Why Do People Cooperate. The economist also studies population growth, prices and many other topics. The function of money. Economics is the study of resources used by humanity…. Similar Documents .

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.. The American International Group (AIG) is a life insurance holding company, holding over US$ 2.5 trillion in obligations as of 31 December 2007. This is approximately eleven percent of the US$182 trillion worth of owed Federal debt as of 3 June 2009. AIG is considered by many as a moral hazard of capitalism. This paper will bring the claim to light, and show whether or not arguments are valid. The arguments taken up were ones raised against the insurance industry or mortgage backed securities all of which are used and trusted in the United States. In the paper I will not only take cases against the mortgage industry, but also take three cases against the insurance industry. The mortgage backed securities I will deal with have been looked at in the literature but not with their counter arguments. To sum up quickly the three sets of arguments will be as follows: “no moral hazard on mortgages”, “no moral hazard on AIG” and “any moral hazard in any industry is desirable”. These arguments will be divided into moral hazard and the counter argument, to show that in fact moral hazard is seen as immoral in capitalism. The arguments used will be presented next to their counter arguments next to the literature they are taken from.

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“Commerce Characteristics Economics Scope of Commerce Regulations (a) Informed Understanding of the Global Environment—Encompassing: index The global economic environment, the world in which North American business operates and the internal environment of US business to reflect, know and understand how the other components of the global environment impact US business. (2) The unique strengths and capabilities of US business, the American tradition and culture, and US competitive advantages; (3) How the market and US business processes are changing, and the impact on US business. (4) How North American business views markets and business processes in the global environment and interacts with other stakeholder groups, including consumers, the public, and government; (5) US national security; (6) Culture: including the nature of marketing research in Canada and Latin America and how and why a company adopts a foreign corporate culture rather than an American one; (7) Personal leadership; (8) Critical thinking, analytical ability, understanding of numbers, and judgment. (b) Understanding of Regulatory Environment—Focused on: (1) The evolving national environment in North America, and legal and regulatory framework for business. (2) The national competitive environment, and competitive strategy, and implementation of strategy. (3) National and state commercial law: including economic, procedural and regulatory aspects, and the value of transactions and transactions processes. (4) Custom of company within industry (5) Consumer preferences and demands, and changes in consumer needs and preferences. (6) Customer service; (7) Marketing, including: business development strategy, marketing strategy, marketing plan, and the marketing environment. (8) Branding, including concept development, and development, as well as management and execution; (9) Identify products based on real and perceived customer need, competitive alternatives, and best value solution to customer problems; (10) Identify and analyze competitor products and services; (11) Understand how marketing is measured and valued within the organization; (12) Understand and evaluate stakeholder groups; (13) Market and market position strategy based at home and internationally; (14) Know current economic, legal and regulatory policies, and trends. (15) Know customs, business conventions and commercial law in countries in different stages of development and economic cycles. (16) Know Canadian laws and regulations that are applied globally in North America. (17) Know Canadian laws and regulations pertinent to international trade, commercial law and business practice in non-US countries. (18) Understand the effects of trade treaties and trade agreements.

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7. Critical Appreciation of Human Interactions (a) Understand the diverse groups in organizations and their diverse nature; and (b) Understand how to lead

Commerce Characteristics Economics Scope of Commerce

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