Definitions of Computer Science

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Computer science is a field that studies the theory and design of computers. It is a broad subject that requires strong logical thinking and creativity.

Computer science is also the study of how humans use computers and how technology interacts with society. It can be a very exciting and rewarding career choice for students.


Algorithms are a set of instructions that are used to solve a problem or perform a task. They are a crucial part of computer science because they allow computers to function, automate tasks, and improve efficiency and performance.

An algorithm is a step-by-step sequence of instructions that define how to solve a specific problem. They are not dependent on a specific programming language and can be written in any language.

There are many different types of algorithms in computer science. One type is called dynamic programming, which divides a problem into smaller subproblems and then solves them all to produce a final result.

Another type is called recursion, which uses repeated steps to produce a solution. It is a common technique in sorting algorithms and can be useful in solving mathematical puzzles, such as the Towers of Hanoi.

Computational complexity is a continuum, with some algorithms taking linear time to complete and others requiring quadratic or exponential time to run. At the far end of this continuum are intractable problems that cannot be efficiently solved using any known algorithm.

Information Management

Information management is the process of organizing and accessing all types of data, including those stored on digital devices. This includes collecting, storing, processing and analyzing information to meet organizational goals.

As more companies turn to computers for their business needs, information management is an essential aspect of keeping operations running smoothly. It allows businesses to manage their data efficiently and implement processes that work best for them.

There are many different career paths in information management. Some require a degree in computer science, but others focus more on people management and technical skills.

Information management is a growing field that offers students a lot of job prospects, as businesses across the nation need to keep up with changing technology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 13% growth rate for information systems professionals between 2020 and 2030, which is nearly three times faster than the national average.

Human-Computer Interaction

Human-computer interaction (HCI) is the field that studies how computers affect people’s work and everyday lives. The focus of HCI is on creating computer systems that are usable, safe and enjoyable for users.

HCI is an interdisciplinary field that draws on interests and expertise in fields like anthropology, psychology, cognitive science, computer science, social sciences and linguistics. It aims to understand how people think and interact, then incorporate these factors into the design of new systems or updates to existing ones.

A key goal of the HCI field is to create a conversation between people and computers that seems natural and intuitive. This means designing an interface that’s easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of physical or mental effort from the user.

The design of an interface should be tested with real users to ensure that it’s as usable and safe as possible. This is done through empirical measurement of an interface early on with real users who come in contact with it on a daily basis.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is the process of creating and maintaining computer programs, applications and operating systems. This field combines computer science and engineering principles to design software that is both efficient and effective.

Software engineers use a variety of computer languages to create new software products and services. They also analyze customer needs, prioritize features and functionality, develop prototypes and test them in an iterative process.

If you enjoy working with technology, solving problems and working in a team, a career as a software engineer may be the right choice for you. It’s an interesting and rapidly evolving field with constant challenges, high salaries, and a stable job market.

Definitions of Computer Science

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