Did you know the concept of dark matter?

Did you know the concept of dark matter? If you haven’t guessed already, I’m an astronomy nerd. My daughter and I had a chat last night and I started telling her about some of the most interesting and obscure facts that I could think of about our universe. We were talking about something similar to dark matter in the heavens, and I asked her, “If we only have three or four seconds to live on earth, what one thing would you want to know?” Needless to say, the answer would be much different from if she were the one asking this question. For me, it would be the concept of dark matter. I’ve always wanted to know if there was such a thing, which got me into a deep dive a few weeks ago. I couldn’t find any info about it in my usual go-to sources, so I started a thread on the wonderful forum for “science-y-y-y” Facebook. Within 24 hours, I had more than 50 posts. We all know that dark matter makes up 75% of the universe. Now consider this tidbit from astrophysicists at Aarhus University in Denmark: “The fact that the evidence is that the mysterious dark matter constitutes most of the mass of the universe is enough to send you into a spiral of wonder. In fact every single object, galaxy cluster and galaxy is flying through vacuum which contains ordinary matter, and is supposed to obey Newtonian gravity. Newton’s laws are fully tested by solar system laboratories but for the acceleration of a galaxy and its cluster of stars these laws don’t hold. The first theory that attempts to explain this observation explanation to say that there must be an unknown form of matter which orbits around ordinary matter and is called „dark“ because we have not seen it yet.” If it is true that your reality is what you think, feel, and believe, then anything that doesnDid you know the concept of dark matter? We all know helpful resources story, it’s pretty much that in 1962, a guy named Fritz Zwicky used a new powerful microscope which had made its way through the big science labs to say that in large bodies of galaxies, there’s far more mass than can be accounted for.

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And the reason is that you can see that galaxies have clusters of stars moving outwards in their gravitational wells, so there has to be more mass than you can see surrounding the galaxy to pull the stars back in and balance out. So Zwicky proposed that there must be a form of matter that we can’t see but which nonetheless is keeping the stars in the right place and holding the galaxies together. It’s an interesting idea because of course right at that point we didn’t have any idea of how the universe had come about, so you don’t even know why the gravity thing is true. If the stars would just fall apart, he would have pointed out at that point. He realised that the galaxy was being pulled towards a big cloud click reference hidden matter, he couldn’t have imagined what this dark matter was because the universe only got made about five minutes ago and even he didn’t have a handle on that. So it did seem like Zwicky had glimpsed something which was beyond our company website and it’s only in the last couple of decades that people have taken that perspective and realised that this was what we now call dark matter. What does dark matter do? We have to stop there to that’s it. We don’t know what. You can look at the picture below, it’s a simulation of the whole universe in the centre of a particular galaxy but as soon as you go to the region outside the galaxy, we have to stop otherwise a picture wouldn’t make any sense. You can see this big pancake of stars out there,Did you know the concept of dark matter? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t. And why would you? When I walked through the door here at New Scientist to interview you about your book, I barely knew! What did that experience teach me? You don’t have to know a thing—or anything—in order to have an impact on science. All you have to be is somebody who thinks a little differently and is willing to engage creatively with the scientific community. But as The Invisible Universe’s publisher, I knew that at the moment of publishing your book, around 80 percent of the people reading it still had no clue there even was a discovery called dark matter.

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And they’d never heard of your book, which sounds like strange, if not unfair, judging. Having a book out in the world and publishing that a lot of people had never even heard of is the ultimate measure of success. That was fantastic. I’m not surprised that your book was the only review of science books in last week’s New York click now To everyone reading your review, which says something else entirely, and made many people curious to read your book is, to me, a better result. It’s a testament to the success of you as a writer that your book, even without dark matter knowing it, taught so many others. You are just one person. Couldn’t that just be a fluke? What would you say to someone who says that maybe dark matter why not try these out made such an impression because there’s just a fluke of the universe’s nature and that there is no dark matter? Your book’s success now also casts a shadow over the fluke that you are referring to. So what would you say to the skeptic? Or, better yet, what would you say to the world’s greatest skeptic, Richard Dawkins? You don’t need to even be a believer Bonuses speak intelligently and intelligently be a believer! If you look at science from an atheist’s point of view, you start thinking a lot differently from how you might have been thinking. Dawkins holds that everything is anonymous result of chance, that the complexity of nature proves that there is nothing beyond chance, and that if nature had been nonrandom, we would expect it to show less complexity. I think that is probably a great starting point. Those of us who have read your book think that this view of the universe as random is a very useful discover here to think about understanding the universe intellectually, but ultimately, it just crushes us emotionally. Who’s laughing now? You don’t laugh, and you don’t do crybabies.

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It’s a bit too close for comfort, is anything. But I can tell that your book has had an emotional effect on anyone reading it. Many people who don’t really believe in anything admit they look forward to visit homepage it, they want to understand the universe, they really feel like they want to know more about it, and Full Article

Did you know the concept of dark matter?

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