How can I reduce exam anxiety?

How can I reduce exam anxiety? Share on How many times I have asked myself: Do I really need to be in such a hurry, and can you believe that I still haven’t managed to pass the CPE exam? I know, I know… I know that there are still three more months to go and that it would be a big disaster if I fail at the last minute. Of course I am having difficulties with it. It is really hard to hold a new thing in your mind while you also at the same time have to live with that time you wasted so far. Am I glad that I didn’t try to learn IT like so many of my friends, who succeeded at the end and I have nothing to show for it? No, I am not. I am frustrated, and I am super, super sad. Because I wanted to spend my time learning something that will make me a better person and allow me to tackle life with more positivity. At this point of time I have nothing to show for it. I will not start a business at over at this website point in time, I do nothing but think about it all day. I even got the idea that maybe I should start an Etsy shop if I really have to write CPE exam. That’s a serious amount of stress that I put on my shoulders. I talked to a few people about this and I found that I’m not the only one who is having this experience. Unfortunately, I encountered so many site that tell me the same thing: “I don’t know either.” Those are the people that I am waiting to seek advice from.

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They were all absolutely no help at all. So somehow I put it down, and kept searching for help. There are certain steps that I already could have taken to solve the situation, but I didn’t do them. This is one of the reasons my exam starts tomorrow, and I haveHow can I reduce exam anxiety? Introduction: Okay, so you have a BIG exam tomorrow. And the thought of what if I fail, or what if I mess up is just freaking you out!!! That’s totally understandable right? Well, it’s OK. Let me help you! First of all, what exactly is exam anxiety? Anxiety is part of the human emotions that arise from the anticipation of a future problem happening or even when a problem has already happened. It usually happens in the day before of the exam. You have so many worries like “I will forget my stuff”- Well, that may not happen “What if I fail?”- “What if I don’t have the time to complete my work in enough time?” etc… Anxiety is a very common feeling especially in the afternoon the day of your exam. You do not have enough stress to start over again. How to Reduce Exam Anxiety: It’s easy to try and banish this whole fear about his fortunately, there are tools that can help alleviate your anxiety, and some help for reducing your stress.

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Below are some tools that you can try: (It does not work for everyone, but it works with most.) How to overcome exam anxiety: 1. Review This will help a lot! If you are not confident in your results, you will Click Here be anxious. Review before the exams, that way you are 100% sure of what you are going to be like and you will not forget stuff. 2. Create a Study Schedule Plan your day the night before. Consider what parts of the exam will be easy and where will you need to kick it up a notch? A study schedule will help you formulate your plan. 3. Practice Tests This will help you feel as if you are in the exam. Practice taking tests by yourself. Also, official site where you are at, haveHow can I reduce exam anxiety? I feel nervous, anxious and sometimes really down as I approach a big exam. One of the ways I find I can begin to feel better and stay calm through the exam is to reflect on why I have to sit the exam. The other evening I told myself something like this: if I write the best essay then I will deserve the best mark, and my chances of getting a first at my uni are already slim.

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Reading the above statement aloud to myself, I felt less anxiety as I re-assured myself that I needed to study and write the best essay I possibly could. I find taking these sorts of reflective, self-assured sentences helpful when I’m about to get a real nervous rush. Maybe you could tell yourself something similar why not try here this site is a brilliant resource for any high-school or college students who are nervous about their exams. Another way I feel less anxious is to remind myself that the exam is a test of how well I think and write, not a test of how hard I worked or how efficient I am. It has taken me a lot of years to stop beating get redirected here up about not working more efficiently. After some serious thought and reflection, if I’m trying to study more efficiently how much does it really matter? Will I become any more efficient? So if I’m capable of becoming a better writer with more study then how much effort am I putting in? I think the real test of time and effort is how much of my time I have in any given year. 5 thoughts on “How can I reduce exam anxiety?” Thanks for the props, luvvie. There are times when exams really scare me and it is good to re-focus to take control of my own destiny. I’ve just gone through making some drastic changes in my my blog which has slowed my progress a little but at least

How can I reduce exam anxiety?

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