Human Activities and the Environment – Chapter-01 Questions and Solutions

1. What are the main human activities?

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The main human activities are hunting and fishing, farming, mining and construction. Amongst the latter, the construction of mega-malls, stadiums and office complexes is the largest and most expensive construction project in the country. Nevertheless, there are many other smaller and more expensive projects which may take the lead in the coming years or decades. Nevertheless, it is still difficult to quantify the direct and indirect effects on the environment caused by a given human activity. The best way to mitigate these harmful effects is to reduce the amount of energy wasted and improve efficiency. To achieve this, the relevant agencies should focus on reducing wasteful or non-existent processes such as water and energy use.

2. How do human activities affect the environment?

Human activities have a huge impact on the environment in various ways. These include air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution, depletion of natural resources, and contribution to global climate change.

The burning of fossil fuels is the main contributor to air pollution and a large number of health hazards. These harmful emissions from factories, motor vehicles and power plants can contribute to respiratory problems, lung cancer, asthma and other illnesses.

Deforestation, overfishing and extensive land and water use are other common human activities that affect the environment. These impacts can be dangerous for wildlife, which depend on the environment for food and shelter.

4. What are the impacts of human activities on the environment?

Human activities affect the environment in a variety of ways. These impacts range from habitat loss to air pollution and invasive species.

Habitat loss refers to the destruction of natural landscapes, such as forests and grasslands. This occurs through deforestation or other land-use changes, such as mining.

Another human-caused impact is air pollution, which happens when harmful substances get into the air. It can cause health problems such as asthma and cancer.

Climate change, largely caused by carbon dioxide emissions, has also affected ecosystems and led to sea-level rise. This has prompted floods, droughts and heatwaves around the world.

Environmental issues affect all people, but the poor and vulnerable are more likely to experience them. This can be because they may not have the resources to adapt and avoid environmental stressors.

Human Activities and the Environment – Chapter-01 Questions and Solutions

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