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Microsoft vs Google – this is just funny When you know there is a storm on the way, just wait for the next rain and prepare to face the raindrops ;p With all the negativity in here, most of us are afraid really… afraid no one believes that we can do that, fear of saying “we can” and not “we can´t’, fear that everyone is wrong, that we are poor, that we are dummies, that we are nerds and that even in linux world, the best is behind… No we definitely won’t cry today ooohhhh that’s a big one, a lot of us are missing that one:, but hold on a minute, lets talk it out ;p But I see the reasons why people can´t have confidence in us… it’s the simple things that makes all the difference, the things that have a peek here had or we are going to have that makes the difference *(oh no lol, not again that again haha)*. When you are confident for something you already did, you do it again, when you can’t you don´t even try.

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And honestly, we are going to try harder than anything before, that’s for sure. But as long as there is no one with confidence to help us, on what before the impossible can become possible? Nobody really believes that we can do this, but even if we think it we don´t have chances, so for why not let someone who is already there? Besides, to tell that we are going to do this is to “show” the power, which can’t be underestimated ;p pop over to this site didn’t say I did description said I can;). LOL. Yes, there are more people on review and Unix than there are in the windows world but that doesn’t mean you can’t do those things as well. Who said we are going to do this anyway. The point is confidence and if you have a goal, then confidence will show in your actions and decisions. If your actions and decisions do not reflect your confidence, then it is doubtful that you will reach your goal. In the end you can run and jump and count to 100 in a zillion ways. You can’t really do anything in a definitive manner so be diligent in choosing the things you attempt to achieve. Give it your best shot! On the other hand my choice to stay with Ubuntu is due to the fact that it is very simple and basic. Nothing is difficult in terms of installation. It is also that everything I need on a daily basis is already included and installed in Ubuntu. This saves me some time.

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… and does it really? I have two machines at my disposal right now. One with Linux and one with Windows. In my Linux machine I see an empty space on the bottom. On my Windows machine I notice that the same spaceMicrosoft vs Google: How the War over Maps Got PersonalMicrosoft is suing Google for patent infringement with regards to Google’s mapping services, and the war is starting to turn into a proxy war between Redmond and the Mountain View stalwart. Google is… Microsoft claims that Google’s Maps app infringes two of its tech patents. Photo by Microsoft. Microsoft argues that Google’s maps app for Android and iOS infringes on two of the tech giant’s patents. The Redmond-based company filed the lawsuit in August, but then it took a moment to remind the world of the pending litigation. However, Microsoft filed a request to an US International Trade Commission judge that it wanted to engage with Google to address the issues it was facing with regards to the patent violation. Google has always taken a hands-off approach with regards to its smartphone apps moving through the mobile space.

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It allows many third-party apps to take advantage of its Maps API, and, in a way, it’s considered to be one app on the marketplace that has the power to change the course of several other smartphone app developers. Microsoft needs Google maps to play ball. I simply refuse to believe any of this is a coincidence. Google’s maps are a huge part of Google’s billions of yearly revenues. It is vital to their company’s growth. Microsoft needs Google to be a Microsoft success, so when Google doesn’t bow down for Get More Info well, it’s just a matter of time before someone legal gets involved. Google is a software company, but Bing isn’t. Hmmm… Google is as much a computer company as Microsoft is. Mister Frans..

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. I do believe this is another in a continuing and never ending series of “my side is better and you’re wrong” flame wars. Google doesn’t need Bing to succeed ; they do fine on their own merit, as Google is.. Yeah I know… MS spends farMicrosoft vs Google vs Apple vs Samsung (or vs. vs. vs) Microsoft has acquired the rights to make Azure cloud infrastructure services, and moved them into Folsom Labs. Then they’ve stopped talking about it – so maybe they’re just talking about the “Microsoft server product family”. But after that they moved them from the server/Azure list into Apps & tools; that makes no sense, also that it is in Hardware; but I’m not sure where else to put it: That’s a mess. Microsoft would be crazy not to focus their whole company around Windows and Office, and let these things dissipate.

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Microsoft’s enterprise success is built around the business systems of Office, Windows and Exchange, and I don’t see any reason to venture outside of that; anything that deviates from that destroys their business, not some altruistic gesture of “openness” just because the other platforms get a free pass. My thought is that everything that Microsoft makes (of any significance to customers) should be a universal one-product-fits-all platform with only the operating system and the apps and utilities included in the box. All other applications should run on Windows, Office and Exchange via the same “App-Store” paradigm of “one application to rule them all” and “one OS to rule them all”. Otherwise, even the most customer-friendly companies will still have to provide the other business systems and apps as an extra, which is a recipe for bad things to happen. I understand the rationale. Microsoft is a business, and therefore making money is their foremost priority. They have he has a good point lot of products to develop and support, and they’re busy supporting, improving and operating their own Internet Explorer 10 beta; maybe they think that they can compete with other companies if their own product is up-to-par? It isn’t. Microsoft’s strategy since the turn of the millennium, the Nadella era, is to

Microsoft vs Google

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