What industries are seeing the most startup activity in Pakistan?

What industries are seeing the most startup activity in Pakistan? According to Pakistan Startup Report 2017 coming out next year, businesses in these 12 categories are leading the charge in terms of being startup-forward. Startup activity in Pakistan is growing at a page healthy rate. According to Pakistan Startup Report 2016, Pakistan will have 1.6 million technology start-ups by 2018 and 4.6 million technology-driven firms. If this is true, then Pakistan is very close to becoming the second-largest startup nation in the world (after Israel). It is no surprise, therefore, that Pakistan is hosting the 11th Global Startup Summit organized by Forbes under their Startup Cities contest where over 100 countries were represented over the last two days. Hosted in Islamabad, in conjunction with the Government of Pakistan, it was the largest ever startup event with 33 participants — globally and regionally. Startups at work On the ground, you can easily spot a startup at work: be it online, on the ground, or even in the market. However, Pakistan is still quite new to the idea of startups with most people taking the idea of the word from popular western media. When asked about what does it mean to be a startup, people often reply and question, Did the word startups first come from the west? I heard the word in Punjab. Let me check [G] I’ll get back to you. Although, to the majority of Pakistanis and new generation, their definition of start-up is simple — a start-up is any company where a team of people first commit to deliver a product or service with the idea of delivering even more value to the user community they serve.

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Moreover, they hold the idea of being very agile and flexible so that they can adapt and evolve with the needs of their target audience and grow sustainable and incrementally. It is no surprise to see startups leveraging artificial intelligence, digital-first processes, and automation capabilities, or even using social media to better engage users.What industries are seeing the most startup activity in Pakistan? As a country, we’ve done a lot of thinking on the subject. We looked into key trends of the global tech start-up space and learned a million different things. To be frank, we’re a bit drowsy now. That doesn’t mean the work’s been wasted, though. We’ve been looking around for a few of the smaller and bigger industries that are coming up as notable players in the corporate sector. With the help of the entrepreneurial scene’s experts, and a few books and the Internet, we list down what some industries found to be the current up-and-coming tech talent hotspots. Technology is the new land Pakistan has now become a veritable beach-head for the youth aspiring to become a part of the tech scene. It is evident that this country is seeing an upswing in the startup culture. It’s one of the fastest developing economies across the globe and comes in third placed according to the World Bank. Earlier this year, the government of the country finally opened its first official Innovation and Technology Development Authority (ITDal). This was made in fulfillment of a promise from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

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The scheme is mandated to gather all innovative ideas that would provide a fundamental change in the country towards smart and efficient development of the nation. This includes new ideas, methods and approaches. Whether startups or venture capital companies, a lot of us simply want to start making a brand new company where we would feel a sense of purpose, power, pride and perhaps an opportunity to change the world. The Internet is the reason Why all of a sudden in the 21st Century are we seeing such large numbers of people seeking to start a tech business and disrupt existing businesses. What is it about the Internet that has prompted this to become the norm when it started out as an experiment barely 40 years ago? Back in theWhat industries are seeing the most startup activity in Pakistan? by Shahzad Nasir December 08, 2015 Pakistan gained official status as a startup nation in 2004, giving companies that dream of becoming self reliant a place to play and fast tracked benefits for entrepreneurs. Many companies started taking long breaks and other their goals with the change. By 2010, a significant portion of startups were also operating out of the U.S. The year 2018 will be a landmark in the startup industry in Pakistan, which has developed and diversified by leaps and bounds. It is also the first time since 1999 that the country has been allocated the status of a startup nation by the United Nations. As a result, we looked at data to find which industry holds the highest number of startups in Pakistan, which organizations can provide the most unique opportunities to startups and the most diverse set of startups to emerge from the industry. Our analysis says that this year in Pakistan, five industries will generate more startups than the next – Media/Finance, IT/Software, Hardware, Telecom, and Health Tech. However, most of the top startups that will emerge from these industries will be enterprise focused, with startups that develop niche products and services.

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At the top of their class are startups in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Space. This includes software development, web design, web development agencies, marketing, and social media startups. The best opportunities should be with startups focused on unique technology products that cannot be found elsewhere in the market. These include startups in the areas of big data, data analytics, IoT, cryptocurrencies, location-based technology, bio-tech, robotic products, fintech, and transportation. Numerous new developments out-of-the-box also point to increased funding opportunities for Pakistan’s startups. Cloud technology and big data technologies are finding increasing use across startups – especially software development products. Overcoming Pakistan’s economic difficulties falls to startups, says

What industries are seeing the most startup activity in Pakistan?

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