What is the current state of the stock market in Pakistan?

What is the current state of the stock market in Pakistan? Does it deserve global attention or do we look at it as yet another Pakistani crisis? What should the government and the people do about this crisis and what opportunities should exist in a worst case scenario? All these questions were answered at a one day seminar which just ended. The seminar, was attended by business and political leaders, economists and think tanks representatives. An extraordinary high number of relevant and important people attended the seminar. Present were: Fawad Hassan, the Deputy Governor of Sindh Secretary General of the IMF, Asia and Pacific Department, Mr. Ahmed Al Safi Dr. Raza Husain of the University of Punjab Raja Ahsanur Rehman, Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board Dr. Arif Ahmed, a well known economist from Pakistan Dr. Basharat Tareek from University of Peshawar. What is the current state of the stock market in Pakistan? The stock exchanges are doing quite well in value share. For almost two decades or longer, the stock exchange values have been doing well specially in terms of performance. On the other hand, the international stock markets have been in decline. The trend of Pakistani indices and other PSX indices in dollar terms have been increasing with time. In terms of performance, the indices are performing quite well but on a marginal basis.

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Why is this happening? Pakistan’s economy is based on exports. But our exports have been declining meaning the other portion of Pakistani economy is what we call our “household” economy and that has been declining continuously. This can be understood, by looking at the purchasing power parity basket of goods to GDP ratio for Pakistan. Pakistan’s purchasing power parity basket of goods (PPP) to GDP is currently on the decline and in 2001, it was at 105%. In 2001, it declined to 88. Who pays up? Industrial and manufacturing companies payWhat is the current state of the stock market in Pakistan?(Please present as many answers as you like)The state of the stock market in Pakistan is a question I am often asked. The number one thing causing concern to the people of Pakistan is the state of the stock market. This is quite simply a reflection of our society and our market economy. Once upon a time we had people who Clicking Here in offices or business who were concerned about the stock market. People had trust and companies top article the stock market even when there were no clear predictions on what will happen. People were able to invest in companies and when the same person came across a well paying business he would by all means take it, without ever asking why such businesses are allowed. A point that needs to be looked at is that the money supply was not matched. There was a demand for only a fraction of the money and the rest was money that was only there just to meet the demand, having no use in the real world.

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This lead to a situation where the money supply was out of sync with the demand. This meant that people have invested despite not knowing what the result would be. When the investment reached a critical point it became Check This Out expensive and this created a collapse. Most stock brokers understood the direction that things would go with this huge speculative money and they made enormous profits by seeing it all the way. Looking at this most people think the stock market is the reason for our economic problems. This of course is not true. The main cause of our economic problems is that we go to the website too much money supply with no understanding as well as growth caused by government financed companies and an unnecessary population. The speculators that operate the stock market most times understand that there are problems but they are so convinced the problems they address are going to last so long that it never matters. I like to say that in 2008 and 2012 some guys from the stock market in America sent the people of America and the world a message that said: “we are so happy that we will look after all your problems while youWhat is the current state of the stock market in Pakistan? Now that you’ve done any investing at all, are you ready to dive in to greater levels of risk? If you are here, it’s likely, that you’re itching to get in to investment opportunities. So it’s time to ask yourself, “Do I want more risk or less?” If you’re going for the gold, that means, not at all, but there is money to be made. Understanding Risk in the stock market If you choose to buy more than 50% of your stock, you are taking a tiny bit more risk. That means, if anything happens to that stock, you could see a 25% drop; it isn’t too extreme. Yet, by taking that risk, you may have 50% more cash on the table.

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The greater you move up your risk threshold, the more you could possibly make or lose. Of course, losing money is not the dream scenario. Imagine if you had spent years, saving and investing. You bought shares five years ago at 20 bucks and now they’re at 100 bucks. That’s 50% in profit. You could have lost 5% by not diversifying. Maybe you didn’t think it mattered, but it does. Can I get lower on my risk threshold? Sure, but you’d have less of a chance to see great returns. If you invest the maximum risk, you will do best. However, unless you plan to retire in months, you won’t see your gains realized in the next 10-20 years. Does that also mean a better chance of the stock market crashing every time? Yes, but some people prefer the risk. Especially if they know going in, a large piece of their portfolio is placed in stocks. You could have sold, because the entire market is down, and reinvested into another company.

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So, by this reasoning, there’s been no crash, and the price has risen every time. You can see why a

What is the current state of the stock market in Pakistan?

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