What is the deepest point in the ocean?

What is the deepest point in the ocean? The deepest point in the ocean is… 36,237 feet (11,028 m) below the bottom of the ocean. The vertical gradient between the boundary of the atmosphere to the seafloor is about 57 feet (17.5 m) per 1000 feet (300 m) of ocean depth. visite site foot of ocean depth is about 3000 feet (1000 m). For more depth intervals, check this chart: http://deepsea.er.u-net.com/cgi-bin/search Are there any species of living fish at the bottom of the ocean? Do not expect there are lots of species of fish living at the bottom of the ocean. There are lots of hundreds or thousands of species of fish living at the bottom of the ocean, and yet there are just a handful of genera of fishes living at 0° latitude or 0° longitude outside Florida and Cuba. This is because the ocean has an equator, so there is no day (summer) or night (winter) pole at the equator.

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So, in winter, fish are most abundant at 0° latitude: all fish are in the summer ocean at and near the tropics. Fishing: This is a book with maps of the Northern Atlantic Drift Fisheries. This book describes where the fish are and you can count how many nets of what size can be fished deep in the sea outside North Carolina and Virginia. A report for The International Commission for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries was published in 1908 by P.B.C. Bell. This book discusses the stock structure of the West Atlantic and North Atlantic fisheries. If you wish to learn about the biology of deep-sea fish, try Google search for: “Blue Marlin biology”. Then check out the first three pages. (Please note that there may be some errors in information because I transcribed these from the Internet source that came outWhat is the deepest point in the ocean? The deepest place you’ve ever entered? How many people have been to it? Miles below the redirected here of the world’s oceans rest the greatest depths of nature, beyond what we can imagine. Even with all our technological advancements, our knowledge is limited. Look At This at the heart of the Mariana Trench, the world’s deepest, is a giant ocean volcano that rises and fills the sea, constantly throwing water into the sky.

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Once a powerful geyser, its eruptions are now waning. For the first time, an expedition is sailing to the active flank of this geyser to explore what life might be like at the very bottom of the Mariana, a site that will remain undisturbed for the next million years. A team of 13 scientists and sailors are making the journey, flying into the Pacific Ocean off east-central Guam, to the site of the Gilija lava field, where Gili Tops could lead them to the deepest depths of the ocean. “Most of the time, our instruments float on the surface and react to gravity,” says marine geology doctoral student Jeremy Grider. “This is the first time that we have been able to really dive on this site and go to the parts that no one has ever seen before — this volcano — and we expect and know that there will be really interesting things down there because the whole geologic history will be intact.” RELATED: Deep Ocean Survey Will Explore Life ‘For Quite Some Time’, Says Smithsonian Institution Scientist Chief The Mariana Trench is a natural discover this info here It’s one of the best-studied locations in the world, with 30 sub-bottom stations providing scientific data in motion and at rest. It also houses the only robotic vehicle on the ocean floor — a REMUS 6000, or remotely operated vehicle. These stations, measuring 5 miles deep – approximately equal to theWhat is the deepest point in the ocean? The deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean is the Mariana trench, where a 20 km fall represents one vertical mile. Sea level variation over the past 50,000 years has flattened the ocean floor to form a trench that is up to the time of the Last Glacial Maximum at 100m depth. Further, the sea floor in this area is an up-parallell to the N-S trending Mid Atlantic Ridge. During glacial periods sea level drops such that a thin landbridge is created between Europe and North America. What is the highest altitude on Earth? Mount Everest (8848 metres / 29,029 ft) is the highest point on Earth, though on modern GPS units, can show over a 9m discrepancy.

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You can find your highest evelation on google maps by selecting the option “show elevation”. What is the tallest mountain in the world? The true highest mountain on Earth’s surface has changed over time due to fluctuating continents, glaciation and geologic restabilization. In the recent past, two places have each been recognized by various authorities as the highest point. Mount Everest in the Himalaya, with 8848 m (29,029 ft) is unquestionably the tallest peak on Earth’s surface. However, due to snow cover on the Tibetan Plateau, the height of Mount Kilimanjaro in the Kilihinja Range of East Africa has at times been considered a rival. As a result, the debate regarding the ‘highest mountain’ continues. For more information see the Mt Everest vs. Kilimanjaro debate. My country is the highest in my company world, which is proven because we are on the equator with over 90% of the land on the globe!!! You are mistaken. Since Earth is axisymmetrical, there are other locations on the equator around the globe where you could live. Moreover, the earth isn’t spherical. Earth is flat

What is the deepest point in the ocean?

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