What is the Food Like in Pakistan?

Pakistan is a South Asian country that is home to many delicious and unique foods. These dishes represent a combination of influences from Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines.

Pakistani food has a strong focus on meat, which is often accompanied by lentils or pulses. Various types of vegetables, fruits, and dairy are also common in this cuisine.

Halwa Puri

Halwa puri is a traditional Pakistani breakfast. It typically consists of thin, deep-fried bread called puri and a sweet dessert known as halwa.

The halwa is made from semolina, sugar, and ghee. It is often topped with nuts like almonds and pistachios.

There are many recipes for halwa but a few key steps can make a huge difference in the texture and taste of the halwa. For example, some recipes call for adding water directly to fried semolina, but this can make the halwa lumpy.

This can be avoided by cooking the semolina in ghee first and then mixing in the water. This method ensures that the semolina is fully puffed up without lumping.

The halwa can also be made ahead and stored in the fridge. Reheat it before serving. The halwa can be flavored with spices such as cardamom, cloves, and saffron, and it is commonly enriched with yellow food coloring.


A staple in Pakistan, Haleem is a stew that is slow-cooked for 7-8 hours to produce a paste-like consistency. It is made with wheat, barley, meat, lentils and spices.

It is a healthy dish because it is full of protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates. It also contains vitamins and minerals.

To make haleem, soak all the daals and grains in water for about an hour or so and put them in a pot. Add salt, chilli powder and haldi powder and cook them on low flame until they become soft.

When both the grains and meat are soft, mix them together and leave them on a very low flame, mashing them a bit to form a perfect blend of the two. After that, fry some onion on the side (vaghaar) and add it to the Haleem.

This is a very wholesome dish, and is a great way to get a dose of high-quality protein, iron and zinc, all in one dish. You can also serve it with a small green salad for added nutrient value.


One of the most well-known and beloved Pakistani dishes is Biryani, a layered rice dish that can contain chicken or beef. It is cooked in a fragrant mixture of spices and meat, often served with saffron-infused milk or yoghurt.

The variety of biryanis differ by region and are influenced by different cultures. Throughout the country, recipes have developed and are based on various ingredients and cooking styles.

There are many different types of biryani, but all have a few key elements in common: meat, marinade, rice, and a combination of herbs, spices, and other ingredients. Some types have an additional layer of veggies or fruit to add color and texture.

Biryani is a popular dish in Pakistan, especially in its northern regions. It can be found all over the country and is a staple at many local restaurants. It is typically eaten as a main course, but also as a side dish. In some cases, it may be accompanied by a drink made from yogurt, coriander, mint, and salt called borhani.


The province of Baluchistan, which shares borders with Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the northeast, Sindh to the east and Iran to the west and the Arabian Sea to the south, is known for its delicious foods. These include kaddi kebab, sajji and abgoosht among others.

The traditional Balochi sajji is made of lamb meat, cooked on charcoal scattered over the ground in a very minimal marinade. It is usually served with rice, though in other cities the meat is also prepared without it.

Similarly, the famous Baluchi khaddi kebab is another delicacy that is made using whole lamb that is stuffed inside an iron sheet wrapped underground and grilled on a fire. In this way, the whole lamb is kept succulent and juicy throughout.

What is the Food Like in Pakistan?

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