Business Mathematics – A Branch of Mathematics That Deals With Mathematical Concepts in the Field of Business

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Business mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deals with the use of mathematical concepts in the field of business. It includes the study of financial mathematics, accounting, and business statistics.

The study of mathematics is an essential skill for anyone working in a business environment. It helps people understand their financial reports and make sound business decisions.

Basic Concepts

Business mathematics is the study of mathematical concepts and tools that help students to solve business problems. It is an essential subject which is used in many businesses such as accounting, inventory management, marketing, sales forecasting and financial analysis etc.

A person must be aware of the basic mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This is important for understanding and calculating the cost of goods and services.

Similarly, a person must be familiar with fractions and their decimal equivalents. This is important for estimating prices and calculating discounts.

Whether it is a small business or a large company, the ability to calculate the cost of goods and services is critical to making a profit. Having a good understanding of math is also necessary for record keeping and staying within budget.


The measurement concept is a very important aspect of Business Mathematics. It is used in almost all fields of the industry and helps in a number of things like calculating income and expenditure, risk analysis and business strategies for the short and long term.

A few examples of the common measurement concepts are time, distance, temperature and so on. They are very important for making the world around us understandable.

The study of measurement is a vast area of scholarship. There are several major perspectives: operationalism, conventionalism, realism and information-theoretic accounts.

Profit & Loss

Whether you’re a businessman or own a business, knowing how to use basic math principles to keep your finances running smoothly can help make you more successful. Calculating discounts, markups, overhead, profits, inventory management, payroll and revenue can all be done with a solid knowledge of business mathematics so that you’ll be able to get the most out of your business.

Profit is the money a business owner makes after expenses are deducted. This concept is essential to any businessman, because it allows him to see how much profit he is making from his sales and determine how he can improve his business so that he can continue to make a profit in the future.

In business, profit is measured by the difference between a product’s cost price and its selling price. The cost price is known as CP, and the selling price is known as SP. Profit is calculated by dividing CP by SP and then multiplying the result by 100.


Business Mathematics is a subject that covers all the mathematical concepts that are needed to run a business. It helps in solving business problems in different fields like income & expenditure, sales & purchases, profit & loss, risk analysis, financial management etc.

Business Maths teaches you the basic mathematical formulas, fractions; measurements that are necessary to complete your business tasks efficiently. It also includes statistics which help you in achieving business goals.

In this course, you will learn how to calculate interest on a loan. The interest amount is calculated as a percentage of the original principal or amount owed to the borrower.

The interest concept is used in many situations. It can be calculated daily, monthly, half-yearly, quarterly or even annually.

Business Mathematics – A Branch of Mathematics That Deals With Mathematical Concepts in the Field of Business

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